Sometime in 2006, RZA and System Of A Down bassist Shavo Odadijian teamed to create Achozen, a group celebrating positive Hip Hop and penetrating production. Achozen actually created an album years ago but failed to release it for a number of scheduling-related reasons. After nearly a decade since inception, RZA and Shavo are finally ready to share their creation with the world, and they’re doing so through Boombotix’ Boombot PRO speakers.

The Boombot PRO is a portable and water-proof speaker that comes equipped with built-in flash storage drive. Eight never before heard tracks from Achozen are included with each Boombot.

“We’re turning the table on how musicians and fans view music and creative input,” RZA says in an exclusive statement to HipHopDX. “This project has been ready for a long time and releasing it with this new content strategy creates a special moment for the artist and brick and mortar retailers to drive excitement around music.”

“It was really just two friends playing beats and trying to mix them together,” Shavo adds, describing how the pairing with RZA originated. “I didn’t want to be a Wu-Tang Affiliate, or a System Of A Down affiliate, I wanted this to be its own entity.”

Achozen’s “That’s The Zone” premieres exclusively through HipHopDX and will be the only official release. Visit Boombotix’ website for more information. Let us know what you think of the collaboration in the comments section below.