There are a million ways you could go with a DMX list, and the majority of people would probably stick to the negative side for pageviews. We could debate DMX’s funniest arrests, his best bark on a track or how much debt he is in, but I’d rather shed positivity on Earl Simmons’ life instead of dragging him down.

DMX is one of the most animated individuals in Hip Hop culture, and to this day, he is one of my favorite artists. Who can match DMX’s passion, authenticity or anger on a track? There are not too many people who put it all on the line like X has, and I respect him tremendously for his honest career.

We all go through trials and tribulations, but would we allow the general public in on our deepest and darkest secrets? DMX has seen his fair share of ups and downs, he has slipped, but he has got back up, time and time again. For that, I will always root for Earl Simmons and send positive vibes his way.

Thank you for making passionate and authentic Hip Hop music, DMX. On that note, here are Ten DMX verses that you probably haven’t heard, but you should.

DMX – “Intro (Wave Your Arm)”

DMX, Jay Z, Ja Rule. Jaz-O, Black Child, Nemesis & Chris Black – “If It’s On It’s On”

DMX – “Born Loser”

DMX – “Going Against The Grain”

DMX – “Ghetto Life”

Mary J Blige f. DMX & Nas – “Sincerity”

DMX & Ja Rule – “Niggas Don’t Want It”

DMX – “Up To No Good”

DMX & DJ Clue

DMX & John Forte Freestyle


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