Lil Wayne will no doubt go down in history as one of the major rappers of his era. Day One fans have witnessed his transition through success over the years. From his moments in Sqad Up to present day Weezy F. Baby, this “best rapper alive” has provided us with tons and tons of music, earning him a spot in the books. With Tha Carter, Weezy’s successful fourth studio album, having celebrated its 10-year anniversary yesterday (June 29th), let’s take a look back at some of his best mixtape tracks.

Dedication 2

Released in 2006, Dedication 2, was the sequel to Lil Wayne’s previous Dedication mixtape, which became a five-part series. A project including DJ Drama, this mixtape featured artists like Pharrell and T.I.. Everybody was anticipating the release of one mixtape after the next, a Lil Wayne asset. “Cannon,” was produced by DJ Don Cannon, explaining the title and sound. It was originally a Busta Rhymes mixtape song featuring T.I., but Lil Wayne took it for the remix kill. “Georgia Bush,” a two-part, seven and a half minute song, has clever lyricism to target the President at the time, George Bush. Sampling Field Mob’s “Georgia” and Tupac’s “Ambitionz Az A Ridah,” this last track on the mixtape was a grand finale.


“Niggas know I’m sick, I don’t spit, I vomit, got it?
One egg short of the omelet.”

“Georgia Bush”

“I drink a lot of syrup bitches say I’m sleep walking
Big money for the grill, so I’m never cheap talking”

Da Drought 3

Da Drought 3, a two-disc mixtape released in April of 2007, is the last of Da Drought trilogy series. This lengthy 29-track mixtape was keen for its futuristic sound and is mostly composed of remixes of other songs. You can find Nicki Minaj, Curren$y, and and Juelz Santana rhyming on this project.

“I Can’t Feel My Face”

“Hardbody motherfucker, got the heart of a killer
Young God in the building, ‘bout to start a religion”

“Sky Is The Limit”

“Self-made G and them bitches know the business
Relying on rap but in the kitchen I’m a chemist”

The Drought Is Over 2: Tha Carter 3 Sessions

Although The Drought Is Over 2: Tha Carter 3 Sessions is an unofficial compilation of Lil Wayne’s songs, it is nothing less than an official one in quality. It’s the second mixtape in the series of leak tapes from The Empire, and the Weezy fans thank you. Released a couple months after Da Drought 3 in 2007, this is a project we will throwback to even when it’s not Thursday. Get your crew together and go way back starting with Lil Wayne’s kickback classic, “Kush.”


“I’m runnin’ this and I can jump the hurdles
I feelin’ like I’m racing a bunch of little turtles”

“La La La”

“Who am I not to follow greatness
Give these MC’s hell like they all atheists”

“Something You Forgot”

“Sorry for the trouble that I put you and your heart through
God knows I would do anything for a part two”

“Zoo” f. Mack Maine

“Young Money motherfucker where the cash at
I put numbers on your head like a class hat”

“I Feel Like Dying”

“I am sittin’ on the clouds, I got smoke comin’ from my seat
I can play basketball with the moon, I got the whole world at my feet”

The Drought Is Over 3: Who Is The Predator?

A Lil Wayne and Jadakiss collaboration, this 28-track mixtape was released just a month after The Drought is Over 2. With Big Mike and The Empire in on this project, they created fan favorites such as “Pray To The Lord” and “I’m Raw.” Curren$y and Bun B were in on this one.

“Pray To The Lord”

“I’ve had breakfast, will I make it to lunch time?
And I ain’t joking so don’t be looking for punchlines”

The Drought Is Over 4.5?

2007 was definitely a fan pleaser for all of the Lil Wayne followers. With constant releases of new content, The Drought Is Over 4.5 brought yet another Lil Wayne classic, “Pussy Money Weed.” How could we forget this one? This is that memorable track everybody rapped along to. Just couldn’t press skip when this song came on could you? The catchy slow tempo samples Outkast’s “Jazzy Belle” from their second studio album ATLiens.


“Want a description, her body’s sickenin’
I can be her prescription, I can be her physician”

Dedication 3

Part three of Lil Wayne’s Dedication series, this mixtape was released in 2008. Its predecessors Dedication and Dedication 2 were successful, and although this didn’t top them it definitely still gained attention. Lil Wayne’s use of Auto-Tune was present in most of the tracks, but in “Dick Pleaser” it was absent. The simplicity of this particular beat was on point, mixed with Lil Wayne’s classic nasty lyrics in storytelling form… dope. Many artists were featured on this mixtape, from Nicki Minaj to Drake, Jae Millz to Gudda Gudda, Young Money Entertainment was all in.

“Dick Pleaser”

“I ain’t lyin’ she the, hottest bitch, heater 
But I’m a fuckin’ freezer, yea, I’mma fuckin’ leave her”

No Ceilings

In 2009, Lil Wayne brought us No Ceilings. The hype track “Wasted” is on this mixtape, as well as other popular numbers such as “Swag Surf,” “Watch My Shoes,” and “Run This Town.” Guest appearances include Beyonce, Tyga, Jae Millz, Birdman and a few more. This tape received positive reviews. What did y’all think?


“I’m a mind freak, check my timesheet
Bitch, I bring the noise where lions sleep”

“Watch My Shoes”

“And I’m so unfit ‘cause all I eat is rappers,
And these rappers ain’t shit I like my fast food faster”

Dedication 5

The last of the Dedication series, Lil Wayne dropped Dedication 5 on Halloween of last year. This is also Lil Wayne’s latest project that we all recall because of its 36-hour delay. Critics are always checking to see if Lil Wayne could deliver with each of his installments, and this one was a solid addition. His fans undoubtedly keep anticipating the next project he’ll drop, but for now this mixtape is the last of it.

“You Song” f. Chance The Rapper

“But I swear I think I love you, fingers crossed in my pocket
Okay that’s a dead subject, you bring it up that’s a zombie”


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