In 1990, Digital Underground released their debut album Sex Packets and the leading single was The Humpty Dance led by Shock G’s alter ego Humpty Hump. In that time there was confusion to whether Humpty Hump was actually a real person or if it was a personality created by Shock G. Humpty Hump made his first appearance in Digital Underground’s previous single Doowutchyalike, and with The Humpty Dance Humpty makes his comeback with a funky Hip-Hop song you could dance to.

The Humpty Dance samples the drums from Sly & The Family Stone Sing a Simple Song and also samples a small portion of the hook from Parliaments Lets Play House. The track features a catchy rolling bass and is guaranteed to keep the party going. So, enjoy your chance to do the hump in this weeks edition of Throwback Thursday.

Fun Fact: Did you know a very young Tupac made an appearance in the video? We’ve added the video for your viewing pleasure.