With Valentine’s Day just around the corner, Timothy Bloom is right on the money with his new single, “Stand In The Way.” The two-time Grammy winner has written and produced for many, and now he’s ready to release his own project. With his soulful voice, Timothy sings about nothing standing in the way of his love. Per Timothy:

“Stand in the Way is a very personal song to me. It is written about someone I truly loved and would have done anything to get her back, even if it meant I had to change myself. But sometimes we have to be open to grow and change for love. R&B today is where it’s suppose to be, evolving everyday. The culture still exist from late 1940’s, it’s progressing, the sound is ever-changing, which is what makes it exciting to be a part of. I personally enjoy the old school sound and writing; it feels very personal and touches your heart.”

With a sound that is rejuvenating and stands out, Timothy is bringing something new to the R&B genre. You can get Bloom’s self-titled project, Timothy Bloom, on iTunes here.

-Jasmine Hardy