On Tuesday, Murs and Curtiss King dropped their collaborative project Shut Your TRAPThis project is described by Murs and Curtiss as “backpack meets trap.” HipHopDX got a chance to talk to Curtiss King, about working with Murs:

Name: Curtiss King

From: Originally Carson, CA now residing in San Bernardino, CA

Inspired By: God, my mom, my sisters, my fiancé, my stepson, my peers, and my supporters inspire me to push through any and all obstacles to be great

Mission In Hip Hop: To the blur the lines and break the boundaries of Hip Hop contradictions. We are human beings who can possibly be, sound, or live the same exact way everyday. We evolve, we make mistakes, we succeed, we fail and I just want to give every side of those stories. My mission is to create what I want, when I want and to have a fanbase that’s ecstatic about that. I want to create timeless music and work with artists from all walks of life.

Who are your influences? Outkast, Sade, 2Pac, Jill Scott, Domino, E-40, Erykah Badu, Snoop, The Neptunes, 9th Wonder, MURS

How did you link up with Murs? In 2012 I successfully campaigned to get on Murs’s Independent Hip Hop Festival Paid Dues. From there I gradually built with Murs and in December 2012 Noa James and I were invited to go on tour with him. After that 2 month tour Murs became a big brother and mentor to me and that eventually brought us to “$hut Your TRAP”

How was it working with Murs? Working with Murs was truly a dream come true for me. The biggest surprise for me was how much input he allowed me to have in the music. Murs is a legend and therefore doesn’t have to necessarily listen or entertain the feedback of a up and coming artist like myself, but he did. This was my favorite project to be a part of as a producer hands down.

What’s next for Curtiss King? I’ve been slowly but surely working on the follow up to my debut album “Atychiphobia” and in the meantime producing like crazy. I have a few more notable drops coming this year on the production end so I’ll just say stay tuned!


If you look at the tracklisting, their is only one feature on the entire project, Brooke Taylor. HipHopDX also got a chance to speak with the female vocalist:

Name: Brooke Taylor

From: Culver City, California

Inspired by: Living Life

Who are your influences? Faith Evans, Mariah Carey, Alicia Keys, Stevie Wonder, Aaliyah.

How does it feel to work with Murs? It is as amazing honor! I have been a fan of Murs for some time now so when the opportunity arose to do a record with him I didn’t hesitate!

What are you working on currently? I have visuals to be released from my band Venus/Mars iHuman Album! We have some surprises coming soon with an official video dropping next month. I’m also involved in writing/referencing placement records as well as music licensing material.

When can we expect a new project from you? I really don’t like giving a projection date, but I am shooting to release it later this year if possible!