Really, the only time I get excited with the drop of a mixtape is when Mick Boogie‘s name is attached. Not so
long ago he helped launched the buzz on Lupe,
he’s honored the return of Hov, and
pieced together one of my favorite would-be releases by way of AZ and Nasir Jones. On top of that, a couple weeks ago to help
celebrate the re-lanuch of,
he, Little Brother, and the rest of
the Justus LeagueCrew dropped …And Justus For All via a FREE online download.

Being a JL posse cut and common
to all mixtapes, …And Justus For All
comes packed with a ridiculous amount of collabs and features Skillz, Rhymefest, Bishop Lamont, Joe
Scudda, Mos Def, Talib, AZ, Cormega
, and Kardinal Offishall all show up to lend bars. The production helms
are also shared among a wide ranged cast. Depending on who you are, you’ll
love/hate the fact that Babu, Nottz,
RJD2, Young Cee, Khrysis, Focus, The Kickdrums, J. Cardim
(and Phonte), and Midi Mafia show up behind the boards in addition to 9th Wonder (who has two tracks of his

What surprised me about this piece is that Little Brother still sounds like Little Brother. Not to take anything at all from their former
running mate, but if I was told that 9th
manned the boards for this latest effort, it wouldn’t be that hard to believe.
It still has that unified mellow feel LB
is known for, which is crazy considering how many different producers
contributed. Justus party member Khrysis really impressed me with how
well his sound compliments Phonte
and Pooh – especially on “Back At It”
along side Cory. I may just be
biased to all things Mega, but this
track is all kinds of dopeness.

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Rare to mixtapes however, …And Justus
For All
was put together with a little bit of focus and intention. With all
of the controversy swarming the trio-turned-duet, and with the aid of Mick, Phonte and Big Pooh attempt
to prove that they are real deal emcees and can survive without the iconic
throwback sounds of the mighty 9th
. The interludes where the two are just sitting around talking do a
lot in way of this purpose. You really get a picture of how smart and damn
hilarious these cats are. To be blunt, why so many people don’t think a post-9th WonderLittle Brother is worth a damn is beyond me. Don’t get me wrong, 9th is stupid ill and deserves all the
love he gets, but Pooh and
especially Phonte are the absolute
truth when it comes to mic controlling.

In the end, …And Justus For All is
still just a mixtape so track to track it tends to be scattered, lacking a
cohesive spirit. But fuck all that. This is legally FREE, what hell else could
you want? Of course we’ll all miss 9th
when the full LP, The Getback drops
later in the year, but Phonte and Pooh are dope as fuck, so in the end, Little Brother is still dope as fuck.