What kind of mother-fuckin’
rapper’s named Pigeon John

That excerpt from this new LP shows what kind of criticism PJ has had to face over the years.
However, this never seemed to bother the West Coast representative. After a
nice decade of putting it down in the underground, he’s on indie-powerhouse Quannum Records and his grind hasn’t

The album officially jumps off with the banging West Coast
feel of “Do The Pigeon” which not only shows haters that he can create a hit,
but also lets listeners know they must judge for themselves. “When my words spill, niggas tend to get
ill//Cause it’s real and my vocab penetrates steel…No matter what the magazines
say. Don’t listen to them baby, listen to the wordplay

Still, he’s always been critically acclaimed for his honesty
and his clever use of humor and melody in Hip Hop reminiscent of De La Soul. The acclaim continues,
specifically on the comical and catchy “Money Back Guarantee.” But it’s not all
fun and games. PJ laces ill verses
alongside show stealing Brother Ali
(“One For The…”) and J-Live on the RJD2 produced “The Last Sunshine.” Both
tracks show standout collaborations. DJ
Rhettmatic also blesses the LP with
his magic on the ode to “Freaks! Freaks!”

Minor missteps are present but the only real factor that may
deter some listeners is heard in his often criticized singing. Nevertheless,
it’s a trait that makes Pigeon John
who he is: an emcee unafraid to take on other genres of music. Here’s a man
inspired by BDP, Mobb Deep and Tribe, but who also appreciates the melody in Phil Collins and The Beatles.
So, it’s natural to see him inject pieces of that in his music, much like Andre 3000 has done as of late. This
fusion can be heard on the soulful “Growin’ Old,” his dedication to cultural
heroes and icons including The Beastie
, Fat Boys, Souls of Mischief, Pharcyde and The Freestyle
to name a few.

Pigeon John and the
Summertime Pool Party
is an album packed with the variety of styles this
emcee has always displayed. Showcasing rhythm, melody, hilarity and brutal
honesty, Pigeon John manages to
release an album packed with all the elements that make his music as enjoyable
as a summertime pool party.