In the past couple years hip-hop’s most diabolical supervillain has churned out some of the finest music in the world. In the oft-stagnant artistic landscape, DOOM has created work that is as original as anything this genre has been a part of. His dead pan delivery strings along his never ending supply of multi’s littered with outrageous subject matter using an even crazier lexicon. In a not-too-far off universe, the Cartoon Network has their Adult Swim block of shows, every bit as brilliant and insane as Metal Fingers. No one else could create an album themed around the likes of Aqua Teen Hunger Force and Space Ghost.

And of course there is a Danger to this DOOM. From his work with Jemini the Gifted One to the legendary Grey Album and this years incredible Gorillaz album, Danger Mouse just keeps getting better and better. His craftsmanship on The Mouse & The Mask is no exception. He kicks down doors with the high-powered Benzi Box while DOOM does as only he can; “sing a song of slap-happy crappiness/he came to blow like it was strapped to his nappy chest.” He laces DOOM and fellow ironman Ghostface with some beautifully chopped horns as they talk about their masks on, well… The Mask. Bada Bing might be the album’s most appropriate joint as DM provides a truly cartoonish adventure as DOOM just spits a two and a half minute verse with no chorus. Another standout (Crosshairs), features not only a lovely guitar lick but some of those legendary DOOM multi’s; “got some peers thats gone on in the lost years/tears and cheers, born in the crosshairs.”

The incredibly dope music aside, this album is made much more enjoyable if you’re a Adult Swim obsesser like myself. Not only cause there are plenty of hilarious moments; from Meatwad rapping, Master Shake trying to get on the album to Space Ghost talking shit to DOOM. Plus you’ve got DOOM rhyming about the shows; from ATHF he spits “Hey yo I knew this dude right/Carl who wore these blue sweats but wasn’t glued too tight/all he had upstairs was a crude light/you think that’s weird he lived next door to a food fight/howdy Danger much obliged for the beat god/even though you still eat lard by the meat wad.” And from Space Hoe’s; “And since when the way backs included Zorak/play back to when he rubbed his thorax in Borax, floor wax.” It’s like a match made in heaven.

Undoubtedly the year’s most unique album, it is also one of the year’s best. Hopefully, it will bring fans of the cartoons to some new music, and fans of DOOM and Danger to the Adult Swim world. It’s number one in the hood G!!