Nelly jumps into the world of Soundtrack production as well as participating in a film with a decent role. The Longest Yard, a remake of the classic film, stars Adam Sandler, Chris Rock and others, including Nelly. The soundtrack is like a who’s who of up and coming artists as well as a slew of established cats.

The lead single “Errtime” is already receiving heavy rotation on video channels and radio stations across the nation. It’s the usual speil you hear from Nelly on this track. But it’s what Nelly does well. The track features new comers Jung Tru and King Jacob and lots of metaphoric references using other rappers names to make up some pretty decent flows and punch lines throughout the song.

On “Shorty Bounce”Young Weezy, aka Lil Wayne is a serious problem. With an array of artists vying for Jigga‘s coveted throne and his best rapper alive position, Weezy is very much in the running to be considered the best. Of course it’s going to take more than street anthems to get it done but at this point when it comes to shit talking Lil Wayne is up there with the best of the.

TI comes through on the soundtrack and blesses us with “Bounce Like This.” It’s a fun track filled with the usual sex and baller talk and it’s simply made to get the party jumping and get the shorties bouncing their asses all over the club.

“Let Em Fight” featuring Ali and Gipp is a rowdy anthem that may cause a little buzz but still doesn’t have that exceptional flare. “Stomp” with King Jacob, Murphy Lee and Prentiss Church is a slowed down screwed up type joint with smooth lyrics and a mellow vibe.

Akon, has got to be the sleeper artist of the year as he spawned 4 singles off of his debut album shines again on this soundtrack with “So Fly” featuring Blendz. The concept is a usual Akon one as he sings about not banging and dirty hustling anymore because he is So Fly for finding a new hustle which is better than the latter ones. From Akon it’s the truth as usual.

On “U Should Know” 216 makes their pressence felt. It’s a basic formatted song from this duo and contains mostly game talk and catchy metaphors and catch phrases. The song sounds good but would have probably fit better on a mix tape but at the end of the day 216 has their foot in the door and is featured on a soundtrack and that’s all that matters. They also sound a little old school because of some of the teaching about true Emceeing that they drop in the song as well.

“Whip Yo Ass” with WC and Nelly just didn’t do it for me at all, so I’ll leave it at that.

“Talking That Talk” with Houston’s Chamillionaire and David Banner is a semi rock and crunk driven joint that’s pretty decent, not great but decent and as usual David’s energy carries the song but Chamillionaire hold his own as well.

“Datz On My Mama” by Taylor Made featuring Nelly is another display of a new Derrty Ent. soldier. You can hear the hunger in Taylor’s voice but the production could have been a little more solid.

Trillville blesses the soundtrack with “Infultrate” as well as Eminem and D-12 do on “My Ballz” both tracks are really half ass but the close out the disc so I guess their positioning was well though out. Nelly does the actual last song on the disc and on “Fly Away” Nelly sings his ass off once again and does the job well. Say what you wanna say about Nelly but he has mastered his style of Hip Hop and he does it well and its always catchy and pretty much harmless and at this point in Hip Hop we cant ask for much more.