After an artist extends their self through two albums they usually begin to find themselves. Fabolous is no different. It is evident that Fab is purely best in several areas of the Genre of making good Hip Hop. There are always the pure exotic street flow wit hard punch lines to the gut that Fab delivers as well as the smoothly shaped ballads that he always dishes out the chicks. On “Real Talk,” Fab delivers as usual.

“Exodus” opens the disc and it features long time poetry scene affiliate Black Ice. Words can’t describe the flow of the poetically lyrical animal skills of this brother. Listen and you may learn a thing or two about word delivery and format and be able to put it to use when it comes to being a wordsmith in any Genre where writing is prevalent. “Don’t Stop Wont Stop” is a great and true scene of the MC that Fabolous is. Same BK shit same flow, but the lines keep the display so current that it keeps Fab in the loop as one of the best in the game.

“Tit 4 Tat” is a classic showing of a club joint. There’s always the question will it be hot Senough to keep the album alive? One never knows. In my opinion it could have been much stronger given the caliber of the team that worked on it. “Baby” featuring Mike Shorey is Fab at his best within the romantic section of the craft. When he’s spitting at the ladies it just seems he’s more focused and intent on making the message stick.

“Can You Hear Me” is one of those things that can push Fab to the next level and create a multi-platinum artist if it’s presented on the screen in a direct raw format that really speaks to the people.

“Real Talk” also features “Breathe” and several other bangers, but will it push Fab to where he wants to be as an artist? We shall see.