After a long year plus Ja is back with a new album which encompasses the heat that we all know him to be capable of delivering. R.U.L.E is in my opinion probably Ja’s best work since his 3:36, album and his Pain is Love disc. “The Inc Intro” starts the project off with Ja in a confession church setting then he blazez into spitting that angry hood shit on “Last Of The Mohicans.”, We then dip smothly into the smash “Wonderful.” A little lackluster hook on “What’s My Name” slows the disc down just a little bit, then comes one of the highest ranking songs for Hip Hop anthem of the year on “New York.” “The Manual,” is Ja at his one of his best times. It’s evident that when Ja is talking to the chicks or spitting about chicks that he is engrossed in his element and on this sing-songy joint Ja explodes with great notes for the hoes as well as the niggas. Listen and learn.

The title track “R.U.L.E” once again introduces the classic Ja sound with him singing the hook and displaying the versatility that he is known for. Nobody does it like Ja, love him or hate him he does what he does and he does it well when he’s focused.

Caught up is another lesson on wax. Hot beats strong sexual lyrics and a vibe that most individuals can identify with. Good music on this one. “Gun Talk” is probably the strongest hood song on the disc, this is the Ja that I remember. Ja is on some 1st album shit on this one. He sounds hungry, angry and tired of all the nonsense he’s suffered recently. Black Child plays a good second fiddle on this one but Ja brings it home in true Queens fashion.

The Inc will always be Murder Inc no matter what and Ja will always be at the head of the fam so get used to it, he’s back