When one talks about the South they always talk about Atlanta or… the ATL that is; do they even know who created the abbreviation statement Tha ATL? Khujo Goodie that’s who. Khujo also lost a leg in an accident a few years ago. But as the rest of the Mob and Dungeon Family will tell You Goodie Mob along with Khujo in tow are some of the mainstay representatives of Atlanta and always be.

Even though Cee-Lo has fled the group on this release, members of the Mob and the DF state that the love is still there but perseverance is the mission no matter what. Hence the tile of the latest disc on Goodie Mob records, “One Monkey Don’t Stop No Show,” simply means be persistent in whatever you do even if you gotta ride solo.

On “123 Goodie,” the Mob come through like the veterans of the game that they are. This is a pure ATL bouncy crunked up joint that makes one feel like seeing a video or live performance from the group.
“One Monkey” is also a spit fest that peers through the skin of haters and non-believers alike. The Goodie Mob will not be stopped. “Dead Homies” is just as the title suggests but it still feels good to hear a solid ode to friends and family members of that have passed away

“It Ain’t Nothin For Us” is like a, don’t call it a comeback jam for the crew. The lyrics alone show why the Mob is a mainstay group. They don’t revel in massive sales, they just make feel good music with a few eye-opening quotes, and their subject matter can range from hood topics to political ones on any day.

On “High and Low” The Mob brings the war to the forefront of the White Americas as well as every other American’s doorstep. Even without Cee-Lo the Mob still brings the message. You have been warned. This Goodie Mob 4 life. Love it or back the fuck up.