Saweetie’s name suits the Bay Area rapper but don’t confuse her kindness for weakness. The 24-year-old packs plenty of attitude into High Maintenanceher debut EPAnchored by the infectious breakthrough single “ICY GRL,” High Maintenance is almost like a game of tennis, with Saweetie volleying back and forth between high octane tracks and more R&B- flavored offerings.

Throughout the nine songs, the recent Warner Bros. signee wrestles with the dualities within her. From the emotive, singsong-y vibe of “Agua” to the super-charged boss lady anthems like “B.A.N.” and “Good Good,” she naturally flexes her versatility but at the same time, unveils the complexities of her most personal feelings.

Sonically, “Respect” is one of the only missteps along the way. The jarring beat and ill-fitting hook momentarily derail the project but she manages to still squeeze in some assertive lines like, “He love that I’m boujee and cocky/ Respect me like Tony Montana.”

Despite its title, High Maintenance isn’t necessarily about that “bad and boujee” lifestyle. In an interview with HipHopDX, Saweetie explained it’s more about her demand for respect.

“From an external perspective, yeah, I like material things, but when I say ‘high maintenance,’ I believe I’m high maintenance all around,” Saweetie told DX last month. “My body is high maintenance — I work out, I eat good. My soul is high maintenance — I pray a lot.”

While her confidence is evident on the album, so is her vulnerability. On the album closer “Too Many,” she reveals she’s struggled along the way and had to makes some decisions that weren’t exactly easy.

“If I’m at it too, not they invite,” she spits. “I been up all night for those who don’t believe the hype/ Probably thought they cloned me ’cause I went and did it twice/ Had to cancel all my homies who was plottin’ on the slice/ Didn’t go down without a fight, say I switched up my design.”

Whatever she’s doing, it’s starting to pay off. Saweetie’s charm and salty wit has her poised for a 2018 takeover.