Over a career spanning over ten years Scarface has blessed us with six gold or platinum certified solo albums and three as a group member. The question is why is he still so underrated? His recent XXL cover was well deserved. Every rapper’s favorite rapper doesn’t disappoint as he puts together a well thought out album featuring assistance from the likes of Jay-Z, Beanie Sigel, Nas, Kelly Price, and Faith Evans. Look for Face to be hot for the end of the summer as his former label, Rap-A-Lot has released a Greatest Hits album that should be a collector’s item.

We all know of his obsession with death and his sometimes psychopathic way with words. However, this time he shows a connection with God that touches your soul through the speaker. Heaven and the conversation with God, “Someday” featuring Faith make the song cry Sunday morning tears. His maturity as an artist, as well as a man shines its brightest here. “I was singin in the morning, got touched by the spirit. Wrote it down for all my homies to hear it.” It’s always good to hear another side to the gangsta lifestyle.

Has an album ever featured both Nas and Jay-Z? Imagine that? It’s now been done. Radio has never been kinder with “Guess Who’s Back” featuring label mates Jay-Z and Beanie Sigel. His single “My Block” is currently receiving airplay over a familiar track as he lays it down about everyday life on the block. The Def Jam machine is definitely at work. Radio has never showed Face this much attention. Although it’s well deserved it shows and proves how certain record labels have the playlists in their pocket.

My favorite cut, lyrically, would have to be “Sellout“. School is now in session. “…the ruler is back. Cuz it’s too many pussies out here makin bullshit records ruinin rap.” Straight fire. Then he ends it off, “I survived the game of life nigga, fuck some skills.” This cut is a true testament of his career and how he stood his ground as an artist and never changed his game. Instead, he changed “the game” and made his own market.

This album’s a must have if you’re a Scarface fan. It’s also a must listen if you’re not. However, who isn’t? Where have you been? Will the powers of Def Jam bring his face into the mainstream? Does he even care? He sums it up best with lines like, “So what I rap about the streets, it don’t make me any less of a man. Than a person that do work with his hands…” He then drops the sad jewel, “These niggaz in my age group are dead or either locked up. The bitches no better, they smoked out or knocked up.” If you’re suffering, like most of us are, from hearing repetitive, uninspired hip-hop – you need The Fix.