Since the nearly instant breakout success of last year’s “Huzzah,” Mr. MFN eXquire’s name has been found on the tongues of New York City Rap purists seeking to enlist saviors to restore the city’s quasi-crippled reputation outside of the obvious Kings of New York. A native of Bed-Stuy Brooklyn, he’s come to separate himself from lesser knowns thanks to free mixtapes full of outlandish imagery and a blossoming fan base due to diverse working relationships including the likes of the Alchemist, Danny Brown, and Das Racist. His buzz extending to a deal with Universal Republic, the Power & Passion EP is eXquire’s premier chance at making an impression greater than prior releases have called for.

Gracefully easing into the idea of leadership, Mr. MFN eXquire hasn’t allowed spotlight to change his knack for fearless debauchery with the potent albeit short Power & Passion. Where the epic “CAri ZALloni” (an homage to Cazal brand eyewear) combines the trap sound with overtly materialistic raps, the tactless “Cheap Whores & Champagne” (produced by steadily grinding newcomer Harry Fraud) is a clear example of eXquire’s comfortably careless and ignorant shtick. Similarly “AGGIN LAER” (its meaning spelled backwards) promotes youthful promiscuity, as “The Message Pt. 1 & 2” suggests only slight hints of progressive thought stored deep within.

Previously proving capable of awareness and self-scrutiny, Mr. Muthafuckin eXquire is dedicated to regression this go round with Power & Passion, pandering to the notion that entertainment can be drawn from sheer recklessness. Though his delivery, wit, and overall presence are exciting and the EP is good for surprises such as Gucci Mane exceeding expectations over El-P’s contribution “Telephuck,” the continual insistence on raunch risks becoming stale. It lends to question whether eXquire’s creative process is stuck in a rut or perhaps he’s content being so brash, feeling no pressure to switch up his left field act.