Westside Gunn has cleared the air surrounding comments he made about Top Dawg Entertainment in a previous interview after being corrected by TDE’s Terrence “Punch” Henderson.

During an appearance on the Rap Radar Podcast alongside Griselda brethren Conway The Machine and Benny The Butcher in 2020, Westside Gunn said he felt his collective’s contributions to music weren’t properly acknowledged during their blockbuster 2019 to 2020 run.

“All of this in one year and we not mentioned as the top group,” he said at the time. “You still gonna mention a TDE, you still gonna mention a Dreamville. Dreamville, TDE…they incredible but they didn’t do it. You see what I’m saying? That’s the Buffalo shit. That’s the Buffalo shit that I’m talking about.”

“If we were from elsewhere, we would be acknowledged the same way,” Conway chimed in, while Gunn concluded: “TDE is a powerhouse of ’19, but where’s ScHoolboy [Q] and Kendrick [Lamar] and Ab[-Soul] and everybody’s project?”

Punch, TDE’s long-serving president, seemed to take issue with these comments and issued a correction on Twitter on Wednesday (January 4), writing: “Powerhouse of *2022.” Gunn replied to Henderson and said he meant no disrespect when he made those comments.

“I do wanna say this on the record we just don’t like y’all  n-ggas we actually Love y’all n-ggas always have I always said we just needed our respect from the ‘You know who’s’ but it was always respect,” the Buffalo rapper wrote back. “It’s all about timing.”

The exchange comes as Griselda’s latest sitdown with the Rap Radar Podcast was released on Thursday (January 5). Westside Gunn took to Twitter prior to the episode’s release and said that the interview had occurred a few weeks ago, before co-host Brian “B.Dot” Miller left Griselda off his “Top Rappers of 2022” list.

“This was a great interview but that was some weeks ago, now it’s FUCK @bdotTM bc he just don’t get it & I wasted 2hrs of my time,” the Flygod wrote. “Its @GriseldaRecords ALL YEAR S/O to my guy @ElliottWilson he still good he rode thru the hood w/ me in the Bach #RIPHOVAIN #GXFR.”

Westside Gunn Is Retiring From Rap: ‘I Don’t Have Nothing Else 2 Prove’

Westside Gunn Is Retiring From Rap: ‘I Don’t Have Nothing Else 2 Prove’

Westside later returned with another post promoting the new episode, while still referring to B.Dot as a “Chump.”

The Buffalo native first took offense to B.Dot’s list when it dropped over the holiday weekend. The list featured Pusha T, Gucci Mane, J. Cole, Kendrick Lamar, J.I.D, 21 Savage, Kodak Black, Drake, Ransom and Lil Wayne.

Benny The Butcher accused B.Dot of taking drugs as an explanation for the list, while Gunn dismissed him a “blogger” and questioned his commentary on Hip Hop as a whole.

“That’s only based on the opinions of that blogger but who are they fr,” Westside tweeted. “I bet u they look goofy even standing next to US, wat makes them truly valid why just bc they say so, them MFs ain’t nothing by dickriders for a living with cheap pay.”