Wack 100 has confronted Chrisean Rock over her tumultuous relationship with Blueface on the latest episode of Crazy In Love on the Zeus Network.

Clips from the new episode surfaced online, showing the three having a meeting at a studio of some sort, and Wack wasted no time speaking to the couple about their wild relationship. According to Wack, the couple being together is bad for business, yet the two don’t see their union being a problem.

“That fact that he’s even showing he got a woman takes away from the fanbase,” Wack said in the clip. “We all know it’s a distraction.”

Chrisean told Wack her love for Blue isn’t a distraction and that she gets her own money. However, the music executive didn’t agree and stood by what he said. She then claimed everyone contributes to Blueface’s success, but Wack wasn’t having it, telling her what she gives has been messing things up.

Blue chimed in and said he loves Chrisean and Wack told him that’s ok so long as he has that same passion for the business side of things. Chrisean once again tried to state her claim, but Wack wasn’t budging one bit.

“That’s the problem. We haven’t had a hit since you’ve been around. Stop talking,” Wack said. “I ain’t even have this problem with your baby mama, my n-gga.”

Crazy In Love has just aired its fourth episode, and the show has been giving fans an inside look at Blueface and Chrisean’s relationship. In one of the earlier episodes, Blue gets into a bloody altercation with his girlfriend’s father while outside the Four Seasons hotel in Baltimore, Maryland.

“I’m her father,” Rock’s father said. “Nice to meet you, father,” Blueface responded before being warned to never “touch my daughter like that ever again.”

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“So, you teach your daughter to put hands on men?” Blueface replied. From there, Rock’s father lands a punch right on Blueface’s face, and he briefly stumbled before striking him back off guard and causing him to bleed.

Last month, Chrisean admitted to having terminated at least three pregnancies while discussing potentially being pregnant again during an interview with the Know For Sure podcast.

“If I have a baby, I’m keeping it this time,” Chrisean Rock declared at the start of the video short. “I killed like three of them. I’m ready now. You know you always have that feeling like, ‘Uh uh, it’s not right’?”