TakeOff‘s alleged murderer, Patrick Xavier Clark, has been formally charged with the late Migos rapper’s death.

The Harris County District Attorney’s Office in Texas told KHOU-11 that Clark was officially indicted on murder charges on Thursday (May 25) by a grand jury.

As of this writing, no further details have been released about the indictment, and it is unclear whether the Harris County District Attorney will make a motion to seek capital punishment, as Texas is a death penalty state.

It is also unclear whether Clark was eligible for bond after the indictment.

Clark was originally released on $1million bond back in January following his arrest for the death of the late rapper. As part of his bond agreement, Clark had to wear an ankle monitor and remain at his parents’ home in Houston, while also avoiding contact with TakeOff’s family.

His bond was originally set at $2million before his legal team successfully negotiated to reduce it by half, claiming the figure was unconstitutional because he was unable to afford it.

His attorneys requested a further reduction to $300,000, but their motion was denied. Judge Josh Hill ruled that previous statements made by Clark in a jail phone call indicated he could pay a $1million bail.

Police previously announced that the deadly shootout occurred after a “lucrative” dice game — to which TakeOff was an innocent bystander — outside 810 Billiards & Bowling in Houston turned violent.

TakeOff: Woman Who Was Shot During Rapper’s Murder Speaks Out

TakeOff: Woman Who Was Shot During Rapper’s Murder Speaks Out

But Wild N’Out star Shawty Shawty — who appeared as a guest on the Ugly Money Podcast back in January — claimed he spoke to one of TakeOff and Quavo’s cousins and was told the bickering began after Quavo believed the men he was gambling with had rigged the dice.

“I have to say ‘alleged’ because I was told this over the phone from a reliable source…They say Quavo dominates in a whole lot of different things — basketball, all of this. So they say that they had been shooting basketball earlier and then they got to the bowling alley, and they said it was a dice game,” he said.

“They say that Quavo noticed that the dice were not right, and that’s where the argument started. Everybody know Quavo got a mouth on him, everybody know Quavo would talk junk. I don’t think that was the atmosphere to talk shit in. I think they were on somebody’s tab, and you gotta respect [that].”