SleazyWorld Go has reportedly come under investigation for weapons possession.

Per court documents obtained by AllHipHop, the “Sleazy Flow” rapper is the subject of an investigation being conducted by the Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco, Firearms and Explosives (ATF). Task Force Officer Nicholas Horine is reportedly seeking permission for a search warrant in order to obtain DNA from the Grand Rapids, Michigan native.

Horine hopes to use the DNA as a source of comparison for evidence in an ongoing federal investigation, and could potentially result in a possession of a firearm and ammunition charge for SleazyWorld. He could also be charged with an unregistered machine gun.

SleazyWorld was previously convicted of armed robbery in 2016, and according to the documents, has been under police surveillance since getting out of prison in 2020. The ATF became involved last July when they claimed to have received an anonymous tip from an individual in possession of two photos of the Kansas City native donning a firearm. They’ve been reportedly staking him out ever since.

According to the documents, things came to a head last October when federal search warrants were executed on SleazyWorld Go’s Facebook and Instagram social media accounts. After combing through his profiles, the ATF reportedly found multiple transactions involving drugs, as well as proof pertaining to the purchase and possession of multiple firearms.

Federal authorities began keeping a closer watch on the 24-year-old rapper, and he and a friend were reportedly observed traveling from Kansas City, Missouri to Kansas City, Kansas all while handling multiple guns.

“Due to [SleazyGo World’s] open possession of firearms despite his status as a convicted felon, the presence of several armed gang members from the SleazyWorld/Brotherland Gangs, and the knowledge known to ATF personnel that the members of the gangs are associated with gun violence, drug sales, and illegally modified fully automatic firearms, investigators determined enforcement action was appropriate,” the documents read. “ATF personnel contacted tactical officers of the Kansas City, Kansas Police Department Special Operations Unit.”

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They added, “Upon arrival of tactical officers from the Kansas City, Kansas Police Department, ISAAC and his associates fled on foot inside the townhome residence located at […] in an effort to elude detention by law enforcement.”

Authorities wound up breaking a window to gain access to SleazyWorld Go’s vehicle after he denied them entry, and after a search found multiple firearms, including an AK-47 style rifle, two AK-47 style “Draco” pistols, a black Glock pistol with a loaded extended magazine and an affixed “Glock switch.”

Multiple rounds of various ammunition were also found, and the Honorable Lajuana M. Counts of the Western District of Missouri is reviewing whether to bring charges against the young rapper.

SleazyWorld Go just dropped off the music video for his latest single “Robbers and Villains” on Saturday (January 28). Revisit it below.