Ray J has recalled 50 Cent once “taking a dump” in the middle of a meeting while he was delivering a pitch.

The singer made the claim during an interview with The Breakfast Club, telling DJ Envy and Charlamagne Tha God that 50 went and sat on the toilet when he was trying to speak in the meeting.

“I had multiple conversations with 50,” he said. “One conversation me and Jackie [Long] had with 50, 50 was moving around. I don’t know if he didn’t like our idea, or he liked it and he was just like, ‘I gotta it in before I get on the plane.’ Fif, don’t be mad at me, but Fif just took a shit in our meeting.”

Ray J was unsure if 50 Cent just needed to use the restroom or whether he was using the toilet visit as a way to shoot down his idea.

“We on FaceTime, Jackie Long set it up, and 50 took a dump on the meeting that I had when I was in a pitch,” he said. “He went in and just did it. I don’t know if he liked the idea, like the idea was wack and just shitted on it.”

He continued: “It could have been, ‘We fam, these my boys, let me go take a dump real quick and then let me listen to the meeting,’ or it was just like, ‘I’ma just dump.'”

Ray J didn’t reveal what the pitch was about, but he said he didn’t take the incident too hard despite possibly getting “little homied.”

“To me, I felt it was gangster,” he said. “It was like, we got little homied. It felt like we got little homied in the meeting because maybe the idea wasn’t good.

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“Fif, remember I told you that you did that when we was talking. Fif is busy doing a lot of stuff, so, you know what I’m saying.”

Ray J released his latest album Raydemption in December, which featured the likes of Chris Brown, The Game, Snoop Dogg, Brandy, Cassidy and Flo Rida.