Quavo might have to take the stand in the murder trial of his late bandmate TakeOff — and if he does, 600 Breezy thinks he’ll be labeled a snitch.

The Chicago rapper shared his thoughts on the matter in a new interview with VLAD TV published on Tuesday (March 7). When the host mentioned that Migos‘ security Migo Bands may be cooperating, Breezy agreed it’s what should be done as someone who was there. But as for Quavo, he apparently has to adhere to an entirely different code of ethics.

“I doubt one bit that Quavo would get on the stand and say anything that’ll make people say, ‘Oh, Quavo a snitch,'” Breezy said. “For the sake of his career and all that shit? His nephew gone. His nephew dead and gone. Nothing he can do to bring him back.”

He added: “He wouldn’t do that to himself. If Quavo sat there and took the stand to say anything about that situation, he got the snitch jacket on him now.”

While emphasizing that the rules are the rules, 600 Breezy did admit that they’re not always the most sensible ones.

“Where we come from and how we live, it’s just the rules how it’s set up,” he said. “You can’t be a snitch. You can’t be labeled as a snitch, you don’t want to be a snitch. It’s codes. A lot of this shit is stupid – don’t get me wrong.”

TakeOff’s alleged killer Patrick Clark was released from jail after posting a $1million bond in January – two months after the Migos rapper was shot and killed outside of a Houston bowling alley.

As part of his bond agreement, Clark has to wear an ankle monitor and remain at his parents’ home in Houston, while also avoiding contact with TakeOff’s family. He is due back in court this month.

Clark’s bond was originally set at $2million before his legal team successfully negotiated to reduce it by half last month, claiming the figure was unconstitutional because he was unable to afford it.

His attorneys requested a further reduction to $300,000, but their motion was denied. Judge Josh Hill ruled that previous statements made by Clark in a jail phone call indicated he could pay a $1million bail.

T.I. Posts Court Paperwork To Shut Down Snitching Allegations

T.I. Posts Court Paperwork To Shut Down Snitching Allegations

According to police, TakeOff was an innocent bystander to a “lucrative” dice game involving Quavo and other men. An altercation broke out during the game, leading to multiple shots being fired.

TakeOff was pronounced dead at the scene, with an autopsy report from the Harris County Medical Examiner’s office later revealing he was killed by “penetrating gunshot wounds of head and torso into arm.”

Patrick Clark, known locally in Houston as DJ Pat, was arrested and charged with the murder on December 2. Authorities linked him to the crime by surveillance footage showing him firing a gun and a wine bottle left at the scene containing his fingerprints.

Police also had to recreate the crime scene to confirm any ballistic evidence. “Through that we were able to deduce that Patrick Clark is the lethal shooter in the case, that’s why he’s charged with murder,” Homicide Division Sgt. Michael Burrow said.

Clark has maintained his innocence.