Moneybagg Yo recently opened a brand new restaurant in Memphis, TN, but the menu’s prices are causing fans to debate what a good steak should cost.

Located at Suite 121, 4202 Hacks Cross Road, Cache 42 was officially opened at the end of March. Though the CMG rapper owns the restaurant and was involved in “every detail” of its launch, he’s not part of the day-to-day operations.

The upscale restaurant offers a variety of delectable starters, entrees and desserts, but fans appear to be shocked by the price of its 40oz Tomahawk Steak.

According to the menu, the steak — which the restaurant promises is “grilled up to perfection” — is priced at $135 and comes with no sides. But for some fans, this is too expensive.

“MoneyBagg Yo restaurante so man high!! Do he not remember when he was starving in them apartments?? BFFR [two cry laughing emojis],” one person was quoted saying in a Neighborhood Talk post.

“Moneybagg want $100 for a steak, I’ll pay that and he better come out and rap,” another person tweeted.

A third person joked: “The price ain’t the issue. It’s what quality of food imma get for that price cause ion trust moneybagg to cook me a $135 steak.”

Tomahawk steaks are usually more expensive than other types of steaks because of their juiciness and tenderness which comes due to the cut from the ribeye, which has more fat content, according to

With that, a number of people came to the defense of Moneybagg Yo and the price of his steaks.

“Y’all N-ggaz Tweakin & Clearly Don’t Know About Fine Dining & Steak!!” one person tweeted. “I Work In Food Distribution. A 10 Lb Box Of Steak Is Well Over $1500 These Days. That’s A Discount For A Porterhouse!!! @MoneyBaggYo Triple Salute & I’m Fauxkin With It Once I’m In The 901.”

“Everybody complaining bcuz Moneybaggyo have a tomahawk steak on his menu for $100 that’s kinda cheap for that steak,” another Twitter user wrote.

One fan pleaded with the Memphis rapper to open up a restaurant in Washington D.C. because citizens there “love restaurants with good food and a good vibe.”

@MoneyBaggYoBagg bring your restaurant #Cache42 to DC and I guarantee you mfers gon walk in that bitch & blow a bag,” they wrote. “One thing about us we love restaurants with good food and a good vibe. Open a 2nd location here. Then it’s black owned so I know y’all seasoning the food right [100 emoji].”

Check out more reactions in the Moneybagg Yo steak debate below:

In more serious Moneybagg Yo news, the rapper recently responded to a video allegedly showing him having sex with another woman that surfaced online earlier this year.

A social media account called @igmodeltearoom shared a screenshot of the sex tape in February and claimed the man in the video was Moneybagg Yo.

Moneybagg Yo Gets $100K Sex Offer From Adult Film Star

Moneybagg Yo Gets $100K Sex Offer From Adult Film Star

Gossip of the City Tea dished more dirt in a series of since-deleted tweets, claiming the Memphis rapper — who is currently dating social media/reality star Ari Fletcher — had met the woman, a stripper, at a gentleman’s club in New York.

After catching wind of the scandalous allegations, Moneybagg Yo took to Twitter to shut them down, comprehensively stating that the man in the video wasn’t him.

“Mane stop mentioning me in this picture of somebody getting fucked y’all ppl WIERD bra my whole body tatted shit not me!” he wrote.

He added: “People be Slow internet dry y’all need some attention … U lame ass n-ggas be ready for me to fuck up.”