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Naughty By Nature Reveals New Group Garden State Greats, Recalls Making Heartfelt Tributes After 2Pac's Death

Vin Rock, Kay Gee and the iconic Treach explain to DX how they've formed a new group. The trio explains their 20th anniversary album, and recalls musically reacting to affiliate 2Pac's murder.


Affion Crockett Talks Life After Fox Show, What Drake Thinks Of His Impersonation, And Being Fan Of Little Brother, J Dilla

The self-proclaimed "Hip Hop comedian" talks receiving the Wayans family blessing, and how Drake and Lil Wayne likely differ on their opinion of his impersonations. He also bigs up Diamond D and Common.


Young Guru Says Jay Electronica Made Him Love Hip Hop Again, Recalls Confirming Jay-Z Diss To Beanie Sigel

Jay-Z's longtime engineer reveals that it was his friendship with Memphis Bleek that brought him to Hov, recalls Jay calling 9th Wonder "the next Premo" and dues paid with D Dot and Nonchalant.


Royce Da 5'9 Acknowledges Personal Growth, Trend-Setting, Ignoring Canibus

Nickel Nine says that he is trying to treat Canibus with respect, and explains what jail, beef and bad record contracts taught him as he vows to deliver his last indie solo in "Success Is Certain."


Yukmouth Vs. Game: Yukmouth Speaks

When I first heard about this Beef I thought this was a joke. I was sure Yukmouth just took his 50 Cent beef a step further by dissin' Game because they roll together, but when i found out that Game started it, I couldn't believe it.


West Coast State of Mind

Thank God, Mase is back! You gotta love it. The only person in the world who doesn't is Cam. 2004 just doesn't seem like it's his year. Personally I'm more excited about the return of Silkk The Shocker. I guess it's just that New York shit muthafucka's are on, along with the "realness" of his situation.}


West coast State Of Mind: BACK!!!!

There is a bunch of wack shit crackin


Nas - God's Son

With an album filled with nothing but highlights, it's hard to mention one track without feeling like you're neglecting another

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