Method Man has said that he went through an emotional rollercoaster while auditioning for a movie directed by Jodie Foster.

On Friday (March 24), Meth appeared as a guest on The Tonight Show With Jimmy Fallon. At the start of the interview, the Wu-Tang Clan legend began talking about his performance for the 50th anniversary celebration of Hip Hop at this year’s Grammy Awards.

Jimmy Fallon then segued into talking about Method Man’s current acting projects as well his audition for 2016’s Money Monster, which he said didn’t go too well.

“Alright, so I had to audition for a movie called Money Monster,” the rapper began. “Jodie Foster directed it, George Clooney I believe was starring in it, and yeah, I had to read. So, I’m super prepared, right? I’m sitting in the waiting room for, you know, for the read. Couple of producers show up, then one more producer show’s up and he’s like, ‘Meth, you’re my guy. I can’t wait until you go up there and kill it Meth. No, no worries whatsoever, just kill it.’

“I’m like, this is my guy right here. I’m gonna kill it for this guy. But, what I didn’t know was they were waiting for one more person. And that last person showed up about two minutes later and it was Jodie Foster. Now for me, it was the same reaction like, ‘Oh man, now it’s Jodie Foster in the room and I’m a big fan. Her work speaks for itself.”

He continued: “I get up in this room, Jimmy. Oh, my God. It started off good, ’cause you know, then I caught a brain fart. From there, I couldn’t remember a thing. So, it get’s worse though. I started sweating. I have a little mini anxiety attack, start sweating crazy, so now I’m looking for anything in the room to dry myself off with.

“The guy has a box of Kleenex. If you know anything about Kleenex, when they get wet, what happens? So, I’m trying to dry myself off with the Kleenex, I got paper stuck to my face. All I can think is Jodie Foster thinks I’m like this idiot right now. And I kindly excused myself and walked out, that was it.”

Check out Meth’s appearance on The Tonight Show with Jimmy Fallon below:

Aside from his impeccable acting on Season 3 of Power Book II: Ghost, Method Man recently got back in the booth with Lloyd Banks on a new track titled “101 Razors.”

Unleashed on Friday (March 24), the song finds Banks rhyming alongside Meth with sharp lyricism over smooth production by V Don. The track itself finds the two rappers bragging about their skills on the mic and their superiority over the competition.

Method Man Gives Yung Miami Advice After ‘BMF’ Backlash

Method Man Gives Yung Miami Advice After ‘BMF’ Backlash

Meanwhile, Method Man & Redman have been tapped to join the star-studded lineup for the Heineken House stage at Coachella 2023.

Coachella took to Instagram earlier this week to announce the bill for the beer-sponsored stage. “All the music, none of the breaks,” the caption read.

In addition to Meth & Red, a number of dance DJs will knock out sets on the same stage during the event, including Felix da Housecat, Austin Millz, Snakehips and more.