Lupe Fiasco has said there’s no chance that he will reconcile with longtime rival Kid Cudi, who he’s been at odds with since at least 2015.

The revelation came as a fan on Twitter asked Lu if, in light of all the younger rappers ending their feuds, he could see himself doing the same with Cudi. The response was concise, yet very clear: “Never. Fuck him 4 life,” Lupe Fiasco wrote on Saturday (December 24).

When another fan caught wind of the comment and jokingly replied that everyone seems to hate Kid Cudi, the Chicago MC reiterated his disdain while also giving his foe his flowers.

“Outside of his musical genius, fame and success,” he tweeted. “Cudi is a really sneaky punk bitch ass bitch…it’s not even that controversial or spicy of a take. His personal resume outside the spotlight is trash.”

The bad blood between the two rappers was first made public in January 2015 when Kid Cudi interjected in an online back and forth between Lupe Fiasco and Azealia Banks, writing: “Dear black artists, dont talk down on the black community like you are Gods gift to n-ggaz everywhere. If you wanna help, inspire, uplift, don’t point the blame and talk down.”

Lupe didn’t take kindly to the apparent subliminal tweet, responding: “Shut Up… FOH @Kid Cudi. How about you stop shitting on the people who really cared about your well being when this biz was ripping you apart. Fake ass @KidCudi.”
The Food & Liquor rapper took another shot at Cudi in 2016, after the Cleveland native issued a tweet in response to a Drake diss while he was in rehab. Ironically, Lupe Fiasco made his feelings known once again when he was asked about Kid Cudi’s appearance on Certified Lover Boy last year.
Lupe’s most recent verbal assault echoes two previous statements he made this year. When Kanye West cut Cudi from his DONDA sequel because of his friendship with Pete Davidson. He directly replied to a tweet that had referenced Cudi as a “GOAT,” saying “oh he a goat, but he a bitch.”
A few weeks later, Lupe Fiasco made reference to the feud again while addressing the infamous incident between Will Smith and Chris Rock at the 2022 Academy Awards. “I hope they can find some time to come to terms with what happened, reconcile and move on,” he commented in a since-deleted tweet. “But it’s still Fuck Cudi 4 Life.”