Logic has offered to pay rent for one of his fans after revealing they couldn’t afford to live in their place anymore.

The fan recently messaged Logic on TikTok asking for free tickets to one of his shows while explaining he was struggling to pay his rent.

“Logic I’m broke and about to move out my place I wanna see you in concert though,” he said.

The Maryland rapper then posted a video on Monday (March 13) offering to pay his rent, in addition to giving him free tickets and merchandise.

“Fuck the tickets; can I help you with your rent?” he replied. “My people gonna hit you up. I’ma help you out a little bit. We gonna send you something slight, you know what I’m saying? Help you out, you know what I mean? Can’t have you out here on the streets.”

He added: “And you get free tickets and merch and YOUR RENT PAID!!!!!! We take care of the RattPack!! That’s family.”

When another fan commented: “Man I don’t need any money but my three year old loves your music maybe one day we will be on a track together,” Logic responded: “I’ll send you something just for little man!!!”

Logic was also in the giving mood over the weekend when another fan told him they couldn’t afford to buy concert tickets.

“Wanna see you on tour so bad but my pockets can’t handle it,” the fan said.

Logic replied: “Oh really, you don’t say? You’re too broke? You’re too broke to see me on my tour? Well, you’re getting free tickets muthafucka! Let’s go, we finna turn up! You coming backstage, you getting free merch! We go!”

@logic Replying to @jeijeithesunchild ♬ Self Medication (feat. Seth MacFarlane, Redman, & Statik Selektah) – Logic

Logic’s loyal fan base has guided him to three No. 1 albums on the Billboard 200 (2017’s Everybody, 2018’s Bobby Tarantino II and 2019’s Confessions of a Dangerous Mind), along with a further four projects in the top five.

During an interview with Hard Knock TV in 2018, Logic revealed he made music for his fans rather than Hip Hop at large.

Logic Responds To Backlash Over Ice Cube Cover: 'Who Gives A Fuck'

“I don’t make music for Hip Hop; I make music for my fans,” he said at the time. “You know, they primarily love Hip Hip music, I love Hip Hop music.

“I used to have this thing in my head, I wanted to make music for ‘the culture’ and I was like, ‘What is the culture, even?’ I don’t even know what that means.”

He added: “I’m just going to make music for people who like my music and it can spread a positive message. And that’s it. That’s what I do.”