Kid Cudi called Drake “fucking corny” while attending Kanye West’s birthday party one year, according to Consequence.

The comments were made by the Queens, New York rapper in an interview with The Art of Dialogue, where he shed light on the bad blood that has allegedly existed between Cudi and Drake “for years.”

Cons said Cudi’s disparaging remarks about the 6 God came at Ye’s birthday party at a restaurant in New York City shortly after the G.O.O.D. Music mogul had been commissioned to work on Drake’s “Best I Ever Had” music video in 2009.

Consequence said he was seated at the dining table right between Drizzy and Cudi, and that the latter was set off by the former making gracious comments about being welcomed into their circle.

“Drake is like, ‘Yo, it’s just a pleasure to be around y’all and I appreciate y’all embracing me. I grew up watching all your videos. It’s a dream come true,'” Cons recalled. “Cudi right here like, ‘Man, fuck that n-gga. That n-gga’s pussy, yo. Why he even here? Fuck’s wrong with this n-gga, man? Get this n-gga the fuck outta here, he’s so fucking corny.'”

He added: “There’s been animosity, envy for years…It’s really crazy how it’s manifested over the years. When I seen Cudi and Drake in the ‘Pursuit of Happiness’ , I was like, what I’ma do? Call Drake and be like, ‘Yo, you know he don’t really fuck with you like that?'”

Consequence went on to claim that Kid Cudi has “never” liked Drake and speculated his disdain must stem from “a competitive rivalry” over “music, attention, clout and prestige” considering they didn’t grow up together nor really know each other.

Drake and Cudder have had a slew of issues with each other over the years. Tensions between the pair first emerged in 2016 when Cudi called out Drake on Twitter and accused him of being fake.

“I am the culture,” the Ohio native wrote at the time. “I keep silent because I dont ever wanna come off like some angry hater, but today, not only do I feel fantastic, Im feelin like taking over I already have My tweets apply to who they apply. Ye, Drake, whoever.

“These n-ggas dont give a fuck about me. And they aint fuckin with me. N-ggas keep you close when they see how powerful you are by yourself. When they see your greatness. Out of fear.”

The tweet caused Drake to retaliate via his notorious “Two Birds, One Stone” track, on which he took shots at Cudi’s mental health, specifically his fight with depression that ultimately led to a stint in rehab.

“say it to [my] face pussy,” Cudi tweeted in response from rehab. “You think it’s a game. I wanna see you say it to my face. I’ll be out soon. Promise.”

By 2021, however, the pair had appeared to reconcile and linked up for their first collaboration on Drizzy’s Certified Lover Boy cut “IMY2.”

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But following Drake and Kanye’s reunion for their Free Larry Hoover benefit concert later that year, Cudder made some comments in an interview with Esquire that many saw as another shot at the 6 God.

“With all due respect, I’m not Drake, who’s about to take a picture with him next week and be friends again, and their beef is squashed,” Cudi said while discussing his feud with Ye. “That’s not me. What I say, I mean. I will be done with you. It’s gonna take a motherfucking miracle for me and that man to be friends again. I don’t see it happening. He gon’ have to become a monk.”

Kid Cudi later clarified that he never meant to disrespect Drake, and that his comments stemmed from his own frustrations with Kanye.

“Just to be clear, I wasnt tryna throw a shot at Drake. I got love 4 him,” he explained on Twitter. “My point I was tryna make is that im not so forgiving. Meaning he might be a lil nicer than me in that situation w dude. Thats all. Maybe that came off wrong thru my words. So yea, all good w Drake.”