J. Prince has denied claims he was arrested for threatening Offset – after Wack 100 allegedly told people on Clubhouse that the Houston mogul had been taken into custody before walking back his statements.

The alleged accusation from Wack arrived on Friday (March 10). A viral audio recording from Clubhouse hears him saying “he has been arrested,” but it doesn’t explicitly capture him saying J. Prince or Offset’s name.

A headline attached to the audio did, however, writing: “Wack 100 & His Sources Say J Prince Has Been Arrested By Feds For Threatening Offset & The Remaining Migos Are In Protective Custody.”

When Akademiks reposted the report, Offset commented: “Pussy wtf is this cap ass shit.”

In response, J. Prince took to Instagram from a lounge chair in a location that was quite clearly not prison and denied any such reports.

“Ah man, what has this shit come down to in the world today?” he began. “I can’t believe people play with people[‘s] intelligence — the way they play with people intelligence and intellect. You know, the way they do today, people are telling lies for a living. You know what I mean? They actually lying to y’all for a living. But as you can see, live and in living color, this is what my jail cell look like.”

J. Prince and Offset previously had a war of words following TakeOff’s death in the Rap-A-Lot executive’s city of Houston. The latest update arrived in early February, when J called the Migos rapper a “fake muthafucka” and reminded him of their many interactions in the past.

The post followed Offset saying he didn’t know J “from a can of paint” after the latter had called him out during a recent appearance on the Million Dollaz Worth of Game podcast.

“To those of you that still live on principles over emotions that know and respect me it’s all good,” J. Prince’s caption began. “I don’t care about the media hoes; they eat shit for a living. We live on different planets and breathe different air if you know what I mean. I only display loyalty and friendship to my brothers and sisters until they show me they’re unworthy.”

He continued: “Never been a bully or lived a life where I abused my power on the weak. No matter what you heard; it’s cap. I’m glad I’m not one of those individuals that my family has to hold their head down when my name is mentioned. So excuse me while I deal with these clowns because ain’t nobody gonna tell them the truth like I’m a give it to them.”

In the accompanying post, J broke down their alleged prior interactions and called Offset a rattlesnake and “a tender dick n-gga,” among other things.

Shortly after his post, both Offset and his wife Cardi B. responded in a series of tweets.

“Street Nigga turn [cop emoji],” Offset wrote. “never needed you for no smoke u da police all mouth with no proof just fairy tales 😂 let this be the last time we speak on this.”

“BIG LIES,” Cardi added.

In a since-deleted tweet, she responded to a fan who said that J. Prince had to help her feel safe in L.A. “NEVER…tell him to show receipts,” Cardi wrote, according to Baller Alert. “Only people that was there was Wack and Big U. Why would he be call[ed] for anything involving crips? Whole bunch of fairy tales.”

J. Prince Disputes Claims That People Have To ‘Check In’ While Visiting Houston

J. Prince Disputes Claims That People Have To ‘Check In’ While Visiting Houston

Cardi’s tweet prompted Wack to later join in, corroborating the “WAP” rapper’s account of events.

“@jprincerespect had nothing to do with that weekend or that issue,” he wrote. “Shit was different back then between me and the other individual. It was simple a round table a understanding he cleared the way on his side and myself & the #Bompton Homies cleared it on our side. On top of that without mentioning names her management team was my brother and @offsetyrn was with me long before he met the #Bozo. #StopLying.”

But Wack later seemingly had a change of heart, thanks to the intervention of outside forces on both sides.

In an Instagram Story, the veteran music manager explained what led him to decide to walk away from the latest iteration of their dispute.

“M Rock called me today from Six Deuce Brim,” he explained. “And I guess he got some ties to somebody on J. Prince side. So I guess somebody called M Rock, my brother from Six Deuce Brim. Michael Walton, we go back 12-years-old, juvenile hall. M Rock respectfully asked me to chill out.”

“Shout out to my n-gga M Rock,” he continued. “I’ma respect you and honor what you asked me to do. Just as long as the terms is met: that they leave me alone, I’ll leave them alone.”