Last week it was announced that Three 6 Mafia [click to read] fans will have to wait until 2010 for the latest major label group effort, Laws Of Power. Speaking with HipHopDX on Friday, Juicy J gave another reason why the wait may be worthy. Among a heavy guest-list, the veteran Memphis collective reached out to Kansas City cult-followed favorite Tech N9ne [click to read] for an official single, “Shots After Shots.”

explained, “Dr. Luke produced the track. It’s just one of those records, man. You’ve got a record that’s just so hardcore.” The Crunk chorus boasts, “‘I’ma drink beer, and I’ma get high / I’ma take shots after shots till the day I die!” Given that vibe, the Academy Award winners wanted a unique guest. “When we did the song, I was like, ‘This song is hard! We need to put somebody on this that can really rip this mothafucka up! Tech N9ne!’ After bringing in the Strange Music CEO, Juicy J takes pride in the decision. “He killed it! It was like to perfect combo. It was the burger, the fries and the drink. We’re gonna shoot a video to it. I’ll tell you what: I never call a song a hit before it’s a hit, but this song is definitely a very strong single. Let’s see what happens. When you hear it, you’re not even gonna believe it.

Although an affiliate producer is responsible for “Shots After Shots,” the famed duo has not out-sourced their sound. “Me and [DJ] Paul produced about 85% of the album. It was the same vibe. It was the same Three 6 Mafia…we’ve got our serious records, we’ve got our Crunk records, we’ve got our party records on there. When you listen to this album, it sounds more like our older stuff. We try to put out older school stuff like we put out back in the day, ’cause everybody wants to hear that sound.” There are still a handful of guests on the boards. “We got like two or three [outside produced] tracks on there – one by Rodney Jerkins, ‘Shots After Shots’ produced by Dr. Luke, and we got another song on there called ‘Go To Work’ produced by Dr. Luke. Also, we’ve got another song on there produced by Kevin Rudolph.

With an emphasis on their long-standing underground sound, Juicy J was also asked if Sony‘s A&R Department embraces that authenticity to Three 6 Mafia as much as fans do. “With Sony [Records], we have like a 50/50 relationship over there. They come in with their ideas; we come in with our ideas. In a 50/50 relationship, you’ve got to give a little bit to get a little bit. We make an agreement on a lot of our music. Man, it’s not no problems. The album is still gangsta, and we have a few different-sounding tracks on there for some of our newer fans. I’m satisfied; I’m happy.

Laws Of Power is planned for release on January 26, 2010.