South Central Los Angeles emcee and Project Blowed [click to read] affiliated Ahmad struck audio gold in 1994 with his melodic hit “Back In The Day.” After releasing his self-titled album through Giant Records, the Good Life Cafe alum would go on to lead 4th Avenue Jones to a foothold at spiritual Hip Hop at the top of the decade.

This week, Syntax Distribution announced that Ahmad is plotting his return. With the emcee’s famous track gaining interpolation on The-Dream [click to read] and Mariah Carey single “Candy Bling,” Ahmad readies The Death Of Me. The emcee also recently was guest to Sway & King Tech‘s famed Wake Up Show. There, Ahmad was joined by Kanye West. ‘Ye affirmed his fellow guest in saying, “He looks like this game hasn’t destroyed him, and I commended him on that.

Due on December 15, the LP comes courtesy of WeCLAP Records in association with Syntax. “I assure you that The Death of Me is going to bring light to millions globally. The authenticity is dripping off of each song. The album is as it should be. My new self is as committed to peace, justice, equality, and liberation as the old one. My art is just better refined, and better orchestrated. I have no fear. It’s the only way to fly,” said Ahmad in a statement.