Former head of Island Records, Jermaine Dupri [click to read] and popular V-103 FM radio personality Greg Street [click to read] came together in reconciliation on Monday after a three-month feud over deejay-artist relations. In June, the two Atlanta figures butted heads over a difference in opinion over the current state of the art of deejaying. In an online interview, Dupri claimed, “The deejay is dead,” and went on to criticize deejays for what he believed to be an egregious amount of self-promotion and for failing to bolster new artists. 

In response, Street, who felt personally offended by the accusations towards deejays, put out two videos criticizing Dupri for putting out “wack” music. “Yes you are internationally known,” he said in the vlog, “but you are not locally respected. We are not dead, JD, your music is dead, your label is dead, and you actin’ real lame right now. So change your name to ‘Jerlame Dupri’ and call your record label ‘Slow Slow Def.'” 
In order to relieve the tension between the two, both artists sat down and set aside their differences on Monday morning. The meeting was taped and posted on the internet in an effort to show two public figures resolving a conflict in a respectable manner. 

“My statement wasn’t about deejays that deejay, basically,” said JD. “It’s so many different type of deejays. Me saying that opened it up for everybody…I think Greg took up for all the deejays when I wasn’t really talking about all the deejays. And that’s how it kind of got misconstrued.”