Chicago rapper Terrance Boykin, better known as Bump J [click to read], may face life in prison after admitting to a 2007 bank robbery in Oak Park, according to [click here]. In the plea deal, signed in late June, Boykin confessed to participating in the heist, which netted over $108,000.

Although Boykin‘s deal would give him between 37 and 46 months in jail, his admission to threatening bank employees with a .45 caliber gun could land him in jail for life. A mandatory minimum of seven-years is also required for possessing a weapon during a violent crime. According to authorities, Boykin and an accomplice entered the bank on January 4, 2007 and after announcing a robbery, stole money from the bank vault. In November of 2008, Boykin was stopped and arrested at a routine traffic stop, an event that would eventually lead to his admission of guilt in the earlier bank robbery.

Boykin jumped onto the music scene with his Kanye West-produced track “Move Around,” which earned him local notoriety and which became a song featured in McDonald’s‘ nationally-aired commercials. Soon after he was signed by Atlantic Records and recorded several mixtapes including Chicagorilla with DJ Drama. At the time of the robbery, he was reportedly working on a new album.



Boykin is scheduled to be sentenced on September 1.