Whenever a group comes out that is directly associated with an established rapper, people tend to be skeptical. Crooked I’s brothers in The Horseshoe G.A.N.G. [click to listen] want to make sure that fans lose that skepticism in order to truly embrace them as artists. Recently, The Horseshoe G.A.N.G. spoke to HipHopDX about their weekly record releases and ended speculation that Crooked I writes their raps. Crooked also spoke to DX about why the crew should currently be on top of the rap world.

Dice, one forth of the group, let us know that their new album is already finished.

“We’ve just been in the cut to let [Crooked I] do his thing so we could do our thing,” Dice said. “Right now, our album is finished. It’s getting mixed right now. So, while it’s getting mixed, we’re trying to get our name out there so we’re going to drop a freestyle every week for the month of August just to let you know we’re coming.”

When asked about criticism some fans have given them, claiming they are just Crooked I’s group, Dice said that there was no need for that type of talk.

“Tune in every Monday on HipHopDX and get chewed if you think that! Or, if you want to come to battle us, we’re open for a battle,”
he said to all skeptics, before expanding on his answer.

Crooked I is the one that taught us how to rap from day one,” Dice told us. “Guess what? Crooked I is hard. Don’t get me wrong, he don’t write our raps! He don’t write our raps! I would love for him to write my raps because he’s dope! But, he said I gotta write it myself, so we all write our own raps. The reason people say we sound like him is because he taught us how to rap. Since we was little, he taught us how to rap. It is what it is, man. We’re hard. That’s all I know.”

Crooked I also spoke to us about the G.A.N.G. and said that there was a reason for the acronym.

“They just gotta keep doing what they’re doing, man. Them dudes have been focused for a long time. It’s been unfortunate that on the West there’s been a drought of new talent and a drought of A&R’s and executives who understand that these are artists who can really rap. Those dudes right there should have been had a major record deal. They should have been on top of the game by now. But, we’re not going to allow people’s ignorance and corporate music America stop it. I see them being successful in the future. They just need to stay on their grind but that’s what G.A.N.G. stands for: Grind and never give up.”

The album will feature Royce Da 5’9″, Kid Vicious and more.