Yahoo News and other media outlets report that representatives from the Black Eyed Peas and DJ Adam Freeland are in talks after the UK-based deejay accused the group of using his song “Mancry” as the basis for the Peas‘ song “Party All The Time.”

As is the current trend, Freeland took to Twitter [click here] to air his grievance stating, “OK. Check this. Listen to our song ‘Mancry’. Now listen to Black Eyed Peas ‘Party all the time’ WTF!”

After his being involved with Peas‘ manager Polo Molina during last month’s MuchMusic Video Awards [click to read], Hilton offered to help Freeland file a lawsuit against the band. On his Web site [click to read], Hilton wrote, “According to reports, Black Eyed Peas member and producer was at an event last year where Freeland performed this song in question.”

The Black Eyed Peas denied the claim and gave an explanation on [click here] saying, “This was not a case of plagiarism, in that the band’s manager had offered them a beat and it was a case of working together. It was a lack of finalising [sic] legalities before releasing the record, clearance was not done and that was what it was about.”