Anthony Hamilton [click to read] spoke to HipHopDX Friday afternoon. The Grammy Award-winning singer is still touring his late 2008 album The Point Of It All [click to read]. Having worked with Hip Hop artists including David Banner on the album, the Soul man spoke about touring, Michael Jackson‘s impact, and his early appearances on some unlikely Hip Hop releases in the mid ’90s.

I bring out the matter of fact of the music and my life,Hamilton said, in regards to his constant and intimate touring. “I’m sitting in my livingroom right now [and touring] is letting everybody into this house – into Anthony Hamilton‘s house. Drink some of his tea, look at his yard, look at some of his pictures. It gives people a chance to get up close and personal. Whether I cry – and I cry on stage, they can gel with what I’m talkin’ about – relationships or whatever it may be.

With so much success in touring, it was natural for Hamilton, an avid ’80s music lover, to speak on the loss and impact of Michael Jackson. “He put the showmanship, the stardom in the music. He [taught] me show business. Amazing hits and inidividuality. He made it cool to be. If I want to wear one glove, if I want to wear one messed up shape-up, and I can do it, if I’m true to it. Michael never ever bent. Be who you are.



With acclaimed appearances on songs from 2Pac, Nappy Roots and Jadakiss since, Anthony also spoke to HipHopDX about entering the music industry through the cosigns of Cru and Sean Price [click to read]. “Heltah Skeltah‘s [‘Hold Your Head Up’] and [‘Pay Attention’ by] Cru, man! I was just listening to them songs. That was just the heart of the hood. It wasn’t mainstream; it was underground. These guys were fans of mine, which let me know that the streets were listening and watching. They saw something in Anthony Hamilton way before people ever knew who I was. It reminds me to stay humble and always appreciate artists, no matter what level they’re on.”

The Point Of It All is in stores now.