Focus has worked with J.Lo, Beyonce, The Game and others. Now, the former Aftermath producer is ready to take everything he learned from Dr. Dre to his own label, a.Fam Entertainment.

While he worked with Dre, he says he never tried to become a biter.

Dre said he liked my style, the way I attacked the music.” Focus said via statement.; “He heard East and west coast in my sound and he liked the way that I bridged the two. He said I was talented, so he never made me become a mini [Dr. Dre]. He always took me for who I was and let me be me.”

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Recently, he has linked up with Busta Rhymes to produce his hit “Respect My Conglomerate.” [click to listen];Aside from this, he has also started working with Christina Aguilera, Bishop Lamont and Chino XL. [click to listen];

As he tries to head a label, he says he won’t lose touch with production.

This year I’m really showing people what I’m capable of. Ultimately, I don’t want to be anything but a great producer.”