As one of Hip Hop’s latest producer-turned-rappers, 88-Keys [click to read] proved his versatility through his highly-acclaimed debut album The Death of Adam [click to read]. HipHopDX recently caught up with the Long Island artist, who talked about an unreleased track with Just Blaze, working with newer artists, and the importance of keeping in touch with his fans.

While 88 has been enjoying the exposure of “Stay Up! (Viagra)” ft. Kanye West [click to watch] getting video play on MTV, he made it clear that listening to just one song off of The Death of Adam doesn’t do the album justice. “It’s like having a trailer to a movie, and you watch the trailer, but don’t watch the movie; it doesn’t make sense.”

When asked if he would ever do a conventional album, 88-Keys turned down the suggestion saying, “I would never do a regular album. All my albums are gonna be extraordinary; I’m going to make them as dope as possible.” Continuing, 88 stated, “I’m trying to bring the fun and creativity back visually and musically. I remember I used to have fun just looking at A Tribe Called Quest album covers. All those little tidbits show the project was well thought out.”

One song 88-Keys did for The Death of Adam that didn’t make the cut was “Mistreat Her,” featuring famed producer Just Blaze. Though stating the song is not planned to be featured on another project, 88 said fans can expect to get it in time. “It’ll resurface. It won’t be on another album because everything from The Death of Adam stage stays with that album. But it’ll be heard soon.”                                                                                                                                             
Moving to the subject of collaborations, 88-Keys mentioned one project with singer/producer Colin Munroe [click to read] that has him adamantly excited. “We’ve discussed doing a project together. I don’t really wanna say too much because I like to keep stuff like that under wraps. But the idea I have with Colin; retarded. It’s on some epic movie shit, like a ‘Lionsgate’ [film] featuring Colin Munroe.”

Along with Munroe88 also told DX he has some records in the works with Detroit’s own Guilty Simpson [click to read], as well The Morning Benders, an alternative-rock group out of California.

When he has time, 88-Keys said he enjoys keeping in touch with his fans through several online outlets to show he’s an artist of the people. “[Keeping in touch] is so important that I actually put my AIM and iChat screen name (AIM/iChat: What Killed Adam) on my Myspace page. And I encourage people to talk to me directly and hit me up when they can,” he said.

Currently on tour in support for The Death of Adam, 88-Keys has been calling his live performances “Adam’s Funeral Service” to give his show goers a full experience of the album. With that said, 88 explained to DX that he would like to do a show of the full album, with all featured artists accompanying the performance. While financial support and schedule conflicts has yet to permit this, 88-Keys won’t let these notions sour his idea. “I’m doing what I can to bring my story to life.”