Before Chubb Rock & Wordsmith team up to release their upcoming album, Bridging the Gap, on June 16th. The two get together with The NU Revolution Camp and drop A Crack in the Bridge Mixtape; presented by HipHopDX.

A small appetizer in comparison to the album, A Crack in the Bridge features Kimia Collins, Kontact, Black Knight, Sly Solomon, SoulStice & Articulate.

DOWNLOAD: HipHopDX Presents Chubb Rock & Wordsmith – A Crack in the Bridge Mixtape

01. Back In f. Kimia Collins (Produced by Strada)

02. Our Luv (Produced by Strada)

03. Wordsmith – Conversation with My Soulmate (Produced by Strada)

04. I’m Here Now f. Kontact & Black Knight (Produced by Street Level)

05. Another Party Joint (Produced by Strada)

06. The New Street Kings f. Articulate & Black Knight (Produced by Strada)

07. Top of the World f. The NU Revolution Camp (Produced by Street Level)

08. Music for the Millennium f. Soulstice (Produced by Capish)

09. Virtual Relaxation f. Kontact & Black Knight (Produced by Professa)

10. Letters through Time f. Kontact & Black Knight (Produced by Professa)

11. Bonus Album Snippet: Bridging the Gap (Produced by Strada)

Be sure to check out “Old 2 the New” off Chubb Rock & Wordsmith’s upcoming album [click to listen]. And those looking to stream the mixtape before downloading can do so in HipHopDX’s Mixtape Section [click to listen].