After Rick Ross’ [click to read] Deeper Than Rap [click to read] moved an approximate 158,000 copies its first week, Slip-N-Slide Records CEO Ted Lucas is speaking out, claiming it’s no surprise. Many disagree, citing that his soaring record sales are surprising due to the economic crunch, the release of freshman Asher Roth’s LP and the feud that was created between he and 50 Cent on top of the exposure of Ross’ past as a correctional officer.

Earlier this week, Ross told, that he was ready to exist without sharing album points with his longtime Slip-N-Slide Records founder Ted Lucas, “I don’t just want half of the pizza. You ate enough slices – beat it. When I make my business movies – Ted Lucas, CEO of Slip-N-Slide Records – on a personal note, I got nothing but love for him. But on a business note, you can’t eat no more pizza. It’s all my pizza.

Lucas responded this week, congratulating his biggest artist of the last five years. “When I heard about all that was going down, I knew that musically Ross would rebut by making great music and come out on top,Lucas told Billboard. “If he wants to get caught up in personal issues, that’s fine, but I never doubted him musically and lyrically.



“He’s constantly in the booth making music. In fact, he’s already working on album number four. Ross is an incredible rapper and not too many people can out-rap him,” added Lucas.

Noting that he’s in support of Ross’ work, despite rumors of a quarrel, Lucas was excited for his success.

I want him to be successful. I want his label, Maybach Music, to blow up. I want to see people I help get started doing things. I’m always going to be supportive of him.



Fellow Miami rapper Trina [click to read] is readying her release for September. Shonie, a new singer on the label is also working on her debut.

We’re in the process of working on [Shonie‘s] debut with [producer] Just Blaze, and we’re very excited about it. …She brings something to R&B that’s new and fresh. She writes her own music, and she knows how to connect with people, from both a male and female perspective.

Swazy Baby
, Atiba, Mike Bless, Qwote and Drew Sidora are also new members of the label. Music aside, he also launched a social networking site

After 15 years of doing what we’ve done it felt like it was time to spread our wings and venture into other genres,” he says. “Music isn’t going anywhere, so it feels like it’s time for me to take my company and go into another level.