According to the Virginia Pilot, Anthony Gonzalez, former Clipse manager and club owner has been indicted and charged with being behind a 10-million dollar drug this week by a U.S. District Court.

The 34-year-old former club owner is said to have ran his drug ring mostly from his club, Encore Lounge, which was closed earlier this year due to a number of incidents including shootings and drug deals.

The indictment against Gonzalez and the others involved states that they “put themselves out as music producers, rappers, entrepreneurs, club owners, clothing designers and other legitimate occupations in order to conceal the true source of their income.”

Through a number of businesses including his former club, a management agency and a trucking company, Gonzalez was able to launder some of the money he received through the sale of drugs.

In total, Gonzalez is said to have distributed more than a ton of marijuana and more than 100 pounds of cocaine since beginning his drug operation in 2003. Although based out of Virginia, Gonzalez’s drug operation reached as far as South America. An unnamed police officer also is listed as an unindicted co-conspirator in the 60-page indictment.

Before being charged Gonzalez bragged about his inability to be caught referring to himself as the “Last Of The Mohicans” in a recorded phone call.

Gonzalez was the manager for Hip Hop duo the Clipse up until 2006. The Clipse have yet to comment on the situation and they are currently managed by Steven Victor. Various sources report that as of late Monday night, Gonzalez was still at large.