One Leg Up Records recently announced that legendary duo Pete Rock & C.L. Smooth have some left over tracks from their Golden Era.

Recordings from the critically acclaimed and sound changing EP, All Souled Out, the predecessor to Rock & C.L.’s debut album, Mecca And The Soul Brother, have been dug up and put together on a new five track EP.

These tracks from the All Souled Out recording sessions were something of a myth, until a couple leaked onto WBLS’ “In Control” show almost 20 years ago. Now CL and DJ 4XL have hooked up to not only collect these lost tapes, but the tracks were restored to premium quality and sounds. The EP brings the sounds of the late 80’s meshing into the now famous early 90’s sound.

The limited EP, which will only be pressed for 200 copies, is titled Basement Demos. The price for history is not cheap either, as the collector’s item will set you back $80.00.

The track listing is as follows:

01. “The Midnight Wrecka”
02. “Cool and Calm”

01. “Go C.L.
02. “Down To Move Ya Body”
03. “Go With The Flow [Alternate Mix]”

All songs produced by Pete Rock.