The economy and the rise of the internet have slayed another print media outlet as King magazine announced their final issue will hit newsstand on April 21.

King has been going strong for six years and 50 issues but event its unique content could not hold the magazine afloat with all the financial pressure that led to numerous entertainment mags, including Blender last week, suffer. An unidentified staff member at the magazine explained to Rap Radar that he saw the demise of the mag as imminent.

I can only imagine how busy Twitter is right now over this. I thought we had at least one more issue in us, but in general, I saw it. It definitely sucks, but what can we do, you know?

King, which is published by Harris Publications, will feature Joe Budden’s wife Tahiry in their last issue; the last in a long list of women such as Trina and Melyssa Ford.