Bay Area producer E-A-Ski is credited with helping craft a sound for artists such as Spice-1 [click to read], Jayo Felony and early No Limit releases. After even recording an entire album, shelved (before a recent leak) with Dr. Dre, Ski has been hard at work for the last half-decade with his group The Frontline.

After three releases between 2004 and 2007, The Frontline‘s Locksmith has now focused, under the tutelage of E-A-Ski, on his solo debut. Titled Frank The Rabbit, the 2009 release will be entirely produced by the man responsible for such hits as Spice-1‘s “Trigger Gots No Heart.”

What I love about Locksmith‘s music–and why I wanted him on my label–is because creatively, he pushes the boundaries of Hip Hop, but he’s able to still make bangin’ music that heads will appreciate,” said “The Almighty” producer to HipHopDX in a statement. “Artists tend to be either one or the other; it’s rare to find that mix.

Locksmith added, “I think you have to push yourself creatively and that’s what I’m trying to do,” before clarifying, “And The Frontline isn’t going anywhere.

Frank The Rabbit will feature appearances from Royce Da 5’9″, Jake One and The Frontline.

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