While no official word has come out yet detailing a confirmation, MTV has reported that Lil Wayne’s [click to read] Rock-inspired album, Rebirth, will not be coming out on May 19th. A label spokesperson, who spoke with MTV News, said that the album’s release date is now “TBD.”

Industry rumors swirled that Rebirth’s first single “Prom Queen” [click to listen] was not receiving the predicted buzz to push enough sales come release day. With over a month in radio rotation, “Prom Queen” has peaked at #15 on Billboard’s Hot 100 chart.

Likewise, Rolling Stone reportedly got a sneak peek of a handful of tracks from Rebirth. While the magazines words were more or less positive, Wayne’s manager Cortez Bryant was quoted as saying, “He’s still trying to give me tracks,” implying that the album is still not set in stone.

This has not been the first time Lil Wayne’s Rebirth got pushed back. The album was originally supposed to drop April 7th, but on February 19th, Wayne explained to MTV that his Rock-manifested album would come out May 19th. Currently, only the “Prom Queen” single and music video have been released to promote Rebirth.