The battle between Amaru Entertainment and Morgan Creek Production over the rights to bring Tupac Shakur’s life to the big screen as a biopic motion picture was recently clarified by a statement issued by Amaru Entertainment.  

The entertainment company headed up by Tupac’s mother, Afeni Shakur, issued a press releases stating that Tupac life story has been shopped around to numerous movie corporations and no specific deal was ever struck with Morgan Creek.

We felt it was important to bring the story of Tupac Shakur, one of music’s most remarkable icons, to life onscreen and, in realizing this vision, we sought to find the best partner who would be true to Tupac‘s vision and bring his unique story to life on the big screen. In doing so, we have taken every step to ensure that our partner in this process is committed to the integrity of Tupac Shakur‘s legacy… at no time did we have an agreement with Morgan Creek.”

The fall out ensued after Morgan Creek filed a lawsuit against Amaru stating that the company failed to sell Tupac’s life rights, which include access to his music, after a contract had been made.

Afeni Shakur personally has also stated that a film will indeed be made and that the decision will be a process to choose the fitting movie production company.

Tupac touched so many people in his brief life and it makes me feel honored in keeping his message alive.  And I want to do so with integrity – in the right way with the right people,” said Mrs. Shakur.  

That’s what Tupac would have wanted.

Morgan Creek has not released a comment on the situation.