The man behind ego trip and the former editor-in-chief of XXL Magazine is back
at it again. This time Elliott Wilson [click to read] will be launching, a website that will include an exclusive blog by Wilson, along with
interviews and videos. will also include R&B music, gossip talk, paparazzi scenes, and sports.

gonna be a super-blog website, whatever you wanna call it,
explained in an interview with John Brown, a finalist from The
(White) Rapper Show
. “Me getting my voice out. Getting back to
documenting the culture, man, I just miss it.

As a seasoned veteran in Hip Hop journalism, Wilson is quite aware of the current climate in music journalism.

have to adapt to the times if you still want to be a music journalist
in this climate,
Elliott Wilson explained in a statement. “With Rap
, I’ll be able to create some of my finest work. No one is as
dedicated to documenting this culture as I am. This is not a job. It’s
not even really a career. It’s my life.

Aside from serving as the editor-in-chief of XXL for several years,
Wilson was also the executive producer for ego trip’s The (White)
Rapper Show
and Miss Rap Supreme. He has also penned stories for
both Vibe Magazine and Rolling Stone. will officially launch on March 9.