With the leak of unauthorized photos of Rihanna following the alleged domestic dispute with singer Chris Brown, an unnamed source claimed to put his bet against Chris Brown ever receiving jail time. The sports betting population thinks otherwise.

Following pictures hitting the web this past weekend, courtesy of rumor site TMZ.com, online gaming sites saw their entertainment bets increase tremendously.  A large amount of betting traffic has shown gamblers are putting their money on Chris Brown heading to the big house.

The Internet’s largest gaming site, Bookmaker.com, has betters getting $1.12 in return for every $1 bet on Brown going to prison.  These numbers are up against a $2.35 commission if betters put $1 on Brown walking free.  These statistics greatly increased following the release of the Rihanna pictures.  

On Bookmaker.com, the lines are -850 the platinum recording artist will serve time while the website gives a +130 that Brown will escape incarceration.  

This past week Chris Brown issued a public apology for his actions while Rihanna made a statement over the weekend informing the public she is well and appreciates the support from her fans.