In a tradition of acclaimed official “Best Of” mixtapes ranging from Nas to Big Daddy Kane, The Roots to Lauryn Hill, New York-based deejay J. Period has joined forces with the legendary Q-Tip [click to read] to release The [Abstract] Best, due next week.

The release, a volume one of at least two, follows the duo’s November collaboration Q-Tip For President, the Barack Obama/election-inspired work that received over 100,000 downloads.

The [Abstract] Best features all new material, rare material, and exclusive collorations from the likes of Busta Rhymes, Pharoahe Monch, The Roots, Talib Kweli, Zion I and others.

Perhaps most notably, the work features a Native Tongues reunion between Q-Tip and his longtime brethren, De La Soul. The song, titled “Excursions 2009 (Tribute Mix)” can be heard on HipHopDX [click to listen].

Monday, De La‘s Posdnuos told HipHopDX, “Q-Tip is my family and I’ve known J. Period for some years

now, so coming to the call of being a part of this wasn’t a question,” in response to how this historic reunion took shape.

He added of their professional opinion of each other, he’s my big little brother. I’m older than him, but I’ve learned a lot from him about Jazz music and breaks in general. Tip showed and helped me get a lot better at using the SP-12 [sampler]. Before then, I was working on the original Apple computers to make beats. His music is filled with many mazes; it’s not just one path to understanding, the music he contributed to Tribe and outside work. It’s timeless.

Pos also commended J. Period for his own groundbreaking work in the mixtape medium. “As I said, I have known J for a while, from seeing him at parties and Hip Hop functions, and he used to give me his CD of mixes which I still have – one of my favorites is the Best of Lauryn Hill. There are millions of mixtape deejays, but a lot of them just make compilations of others work and try to use that to make a name for themselves. [J. Period] places quality in his work and seeks out the artist that he is making a CD on, and as well, looks to add elements that aren’t the norm and he can actually deejay so he’s part of that family of dope deejays, like Kid Capri and others who made you look forward to the next mixtape.

Posdnuos lastly revealed that De La Soul, who besides an official 2006 mixtape, has not released an album in over five years, is presently at work with Nike on their next project called Are You In?. The work is due in March, a lead-in to the album, You’re Welcome, promised on the 20th anniversary of De La Soul‘s 1989 Tommy Boy Records classic debut. The album reportedly will feature Gorillaz, and Chuck D of Public Enemy.

He added that the group may promote the latter release with a similar Best Of mixtape.