Whether through his flamboyant characteristics for the politically charged Hip Hop group Public Enemy, or his unintentional humor on “Flavor of Love,” Flavor Flav can take any role and subsequently make it entertaining. Now, through a newly-sealed deal with TriStar Media, the rapper-turned reality star will take on a new role as the host of “Nite Tales,” according to The Hollywood Reporter.

“Nite Tales,” which made its debut Halloween night on BET last year, is a series that combines horror scripting with the ironic placement of comedy, and Flavor Flav would act as the narrator similar to the 90’s cult series “Tales From the Crypt” Cryptkeeper.

Hank Cohen, CEO of Trifecta Entertainment and Media, acknowledged “Nite Tales” filmmaker Deon Taylor as the right man to take on this new project. “Teaming with a talented filmmaker like Deon, with his extraordinary vision, imagination and energy, makes ‘Nite Tales’ the perfect launch project for the new venture.”

While Taylor is the creative mind behind “Nite Tales,” he insists that only Flav could create the right vibe for a series with such an obscure objective. Flavor Flav is hilarious, but at the same time, the show is in the horror genre. It’s going to be very refreshing, a cut away from the norm of what’s on TV right now.”

“Nite Tales” is tentatively scheduled to begin later this year pending syndication, with possible movie features in the near future.